• 2016 – Zbigniew Brzezinski, A Chessman in Winter

  • 2011 – A Woman in the Millenium

  • 2009 – Planet UN : The United Nations Confronting the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century

  • 2006 – At the Glass Building : The Story of the UN told by its Secretaries General

    • Episode 1 : Kurt Waldheim

    • Episode 2 : Javier Perez de Cuellar

    • Episode 3 : Boutros Boutros-Ghali

    • Episode 4 : Kofi Annan

  • 2005 – A l'Ombre d'un Chêne

  • 2003 – Ashes of the Phoenix : A Journey in Lebanon

  • 2002 – De Memoire d'Immortel, with the voice of Alain Delon

  • 2001 – J'Avais Mille Compagnons, with the voice of Robert Hossein 

  • 2000 – Otto Von Habsburg, A Life for Europe


  • 2015 - Running the World : A Brief History of the U.S. National Security Council - Conversation between Robert Jervis and Foreign Affairs Editor Gideon Rose -

  • 2006 – About Dag Hammarskjold - Conversation with Brian Urquhart -

  • 2003 – Conversation with Paulo Coelho

  • 2003 – Conversation with Ghassan Tueni

Short Films

  • 2003 – Lettre d'un enfant du Liban, by and with Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

  • 2000 – La Race Perdue, with Niels Arestrup

  • 1995 – Un Rêve à Dux


  • 2015 – The United Nations in the New World Disorder - Editions de l'Atelier -

  • 2009 – Planet UN, with Annick Stevenson, postface by Noam Chomsky - United Nations ; le Monde diplomatique ; Editions du Tricorne, Geneva -

  • 2006 – A la Maison de Verre, preface by Jacques Chirac - United Nations ; Editions Saint Simon -

  • 2003 – Ashes of the Phoenix : A Journey in Lebanon - Virgin -


  • 1998 – De Gaulle, Portrait d'un Révolté

  • 1996 – Casanova Requiem, un Conte Philosophique


Romuald Sciora is also the author of several articles and essays, including some for Le Monde Diplomatique.

The Middle East edition of the French newspaper Le Monde published in 2003 a special issue dedicated to his work in Lebanon ; with contributions by Jean Lacouture, Amin Maalouf, Ghassan Tueni...



The UN in the New World Disorder (L'ONU dans le nouveau désordre mondial), the latest book from Romuald Sciora, now Also available in ebook

An in-depth analysis of the United Nations' involvement in our today global world


The challenges we face today, be they economic, geopolitical, interreligious, energy or climate, more than ever require all countries to come up with global solutions. The United Nations is the only structure where cooperation is possible. Yet, almost 75 years after its founding, is it still able to bring together small states and big powers for a constructive dialogue to fight against the evils of humanity?

After  the election of a new secretary-general in 2016, what political power does the UN have internationally? 

Established in 1945 as an international platform for promoting dialogue between states, the UN has gradually lost political influence to entities such as the G20, WTO or even NATO.

According to Romuald Sciora the risk is seeing the UN disappears from the political scene and be confined to managing its humanitarian entities. Through the crisis that upsets the United Nations, the democratic ideal from the Enlightenment is undermined.


This  book recounts in its second part all the conversations Sciora has had with the last five UN secretaries-general, from Kurt Waldheim to Ban Ki-moon.

With contributions from Noam Chomsky, Ignacio Ramonet, David B. Roosevelt...